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Barn Dance And
Ceilidh Band

More Than Just A Barn Dance Band


The Barn Dance Band With A Difference….

Some bands tend to be only semi-professional so their only musical expertise is playing at a barn dance and some professional bands tend to take the dancing far too seriously so make sure you don’t do si don’t instead of do si do.

With ‘Q’ it couldn’t be anymore different. If you mess up the dancing then so much the better, the emphasis is on having fun in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Joining all ages and all walks of life together.

They are equally happy to design a suitable evenings music and dancing tailored to your experience or happy to tailor the whole evening to your particular requirements. They have a repertoire of hundreds of dances and will always take into account the level of ability and of course your guests enthusiasm on the night. They can do a mix of dances for just a general barn dance or can tailor it to specific themes like, English, American, Scottish.  They have been known occasionally to even include Welsh, Israeli, Balkan or Scandinavian.

The dances can be nice and easy for the beginners, suitable for weddings where in general most guests have never been to barn dance, for example the Circassian Circle, through to advanced dances like Strip the Willow or the Eightsome Reel for the more experienced crowd.

The band are often asked what is the difference between a Barn Dance and a Ceilidh, and the answer is quite simply, not much.  The music can differ so for instance you could have an Irish Ceilidh or a Scottish Country dance or even an American Hoe down but they all follow a simple pattern.

A barn dance is great for all ages and abilities, a disco generally is for the younger members of a function but have a barn dance and nobody in the room can resist getting up and having a go, giving lots of fun and giggles along the way.  The caller explains each dance in detail going through all the steps until everyone knows what they are doing.  In general the band assume that unless told otherwise the audience is new to barn dancing so they will always start off with something simple progressing to some more challenging dances as the evening goes on.

Typically one dance can take around 15 – 20 minutes so they try to aim for 3 – 4 dances in a set.  A typical evening would consist of 2 sets of about 1
– 1 ½ hours with a ½ hour break in-between.

The band are typically a trio but have a pool of other musicians to either extend the band like a drummer or guitarist or simply to fill in if needed.




Double Bass


Accordion and Caller

The Q Band play Ceilidh, Barn Dance and Square Dance.

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Also Available As 4, 5 or 6 Piece!