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Barn Dance And
Ceilidh Band

The Bands Music Repertoire

Standard Barn Dances  


Winster Gallop

Bridge of Athlone

Waves of Tory

Oxo Reel

Virginia Reel

Clopton Bridge

Belfast Duck

Nottingham Swing

Flying Scot

Drops of Brandy

Thady You Gander

Cumberland Square

La Russe

I Wanna be Near You

Holmfirth Square

New Haw Square

Circassian Circle

Blaydon Races

Saturday Night

Scottish Dances  

Gay Gordons

Dashing White Sergeant

Strip the Willow/Drops of Brandy

Eightsome Reel

Canadian Barn Dance

St Bernard's Waltz

Foula Reel

Edinburgh Cross

Tay Bridge Disaster

La Russe Quadrille

Circle Waltz

Espie McNabb

The Frisky

Round Reel of Eight

The Linton Ploughman

Marie's Wedding


Duke of Perth

Reel of the 51st

American Dances  

Down Home Square

Oxo Reel

Duck for the Oyster

Texas Threesome

Carl's Dance

Virginia Reel

Alabama Jubilee

Mexican Waltz

Gelding the Devil

Atlantic Hornpipe

Armstrong Waltz

Twelve Reel

Fiddle Hill Jig

Wring out the Dish Rag

Christmas Hornpipe

Arkansas Traveller

Fairfield Fancy

Flirtation Reel

The Dances

Watch Video Clips Of The Band In Action

Video Clip 1

They are shown here playing ‘Catharsis’
as a four piece band.

Mike is doing the calling on this one.

Video Clip 2

The band are playing ‘Buttered Peas’
as a four piece band.

Claire is doing the calling on this one, or Mike Just Likes Wearing Women's Clothes.

Listen To Sound Clips Of The Band

Drops of brandy.mp3 Shetland Waltzes.mp3 Domino .mp3
Bill Cheatam(.mp3 puddleglum's.mp3 La Russe live.mp3

Drops Of Brandy

Shetland Waltzes


Bill Cheatam


La Russe Live

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